best laptop for dragon 1200x600

What is the best laptop computer for Dragon?

It's important to get a laptop that is sufficienttly powerful for Dragon. But with a laptop there are also other aspects like screen size and fan noise that determine how comfortable the laptop is to use. Download a checklist to remind you of some key points.

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Power of custom voice commands 1200x600

The power of custom voice commands

We all need voice commands.

Yes, even if you only use dictation, you secretly still use voice commands all the time. After all, it would be very inconvenient if we could not say “new line” or “delete that”.

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9 tips for a healthy voice 1200x600

9 Tips for a healthy voice when using dictation

When you are dictating your texts, you are using your voice instead of typing.

What’s important to realise, is that you are not only using your voice MORE than before, but also in a somewhat DIFFERENT manner from when you are just chatting with someone.

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