Dragon 15 and Firefox

Dragon and Firefox


NOTE: New developments -> New blogpost with even better news smile  Read all about it in this blogpost of 23 February 2019!

Sometime last year it became impossible to properly work in Firefox with Dragon. The existing plug-in/extension stopped working.

Apparently Mozilla decided to change something essential in an update to Firefox, causing the Dragon extension to become inoperable.

A great disappointment, since for many people Firefox is the preferred Internet browser.

With the advent of the update to Dragon Professional Individual 15.3 a new Firefox extension for Dragon has been released. This new extension allows you to click links by voice. It also promises Full Text Control in suitable browser edit fields (lijk Gmail), but I've found this NOT to be the case. Very unfortunate, that.

However, you can still use the dictation box (say:"open dictation box") to enter your text with Full Text Control.

In this video I'll show you how to check if you have the Firefox web extension installed and, if not, how to install and activate it from scratch. 

This is the link you need to copy and paste into your Firefox address bar: https://dnsriacontent.nuance.com/15/addons.html?lang=enx


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