How to make your current headset more comfortable (Podcast)

How to make your headset more comfortable

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So here's the first proper episode of the new Speech Recognition Podcast. :-)

Were diving right in with some practical tips in this episode.

By the way, stay tuned if you're more interested in general information about speech recognition software, like how to choose the best program for you.

There will definitely be episodes about that topic coming up.

But for today: If you're using a regular headset with a band over the head, you may experience one of three pain points that I often experience with these headsets.

They are:

  1. Sweaty ears and sound really muffled because the earp pads are of a sticky material
  2. Headaches because the headset pinches too tightly
  3. A constant pulling on the headset by the cable

In this episode I offer some tips to work around these issues. And here are the images that I discuss in the episode:  


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