Removing a word from Dragon

Removing a Word from Dragon

Have you ever been annoyed that Dragon is recognising a word that you do not want?

Suppose you are a geneticist, then it is no fun if Dragon occasionally recognises "jeans" when you are talking about "genes". Or suppose you accidentally added a misspelled word to the vocabulary.

Oops... but it happens to the best of us smile  In that case you will want to make Dragon 'unlearn' that particular word, so that it won't write it down again.

You can make the speech recognition forget a word by removing it from the vocabulary. In the video below I show you how to quickly remove a weirdly spelt word from the vocabulary. With a single voice command; it's really cool.

And don't worry, the word is only removed from that particular user profile's vocabulary, so it is not entirely removed from Dragon. And also you can add it again to the vocabulary if you ever need that word again.


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