7 recognition mistakes that made me smile (and one that made me frown)

recognition mistakes OOPS! (1200 x 600 px)

Despite the happy fact that I generally have excellent results with Dragon, mistakes are not uncommon. Until the program develops enough to read my mind (which would be creepy) or I stop slurring words when I get tired or when I am in a hurry (unlikely to happen), I'm content to say the words again or correct them. Usually the recognition mistakes are not very interesting.

Occasionally, though, they make me smile and once in a while they are hilarious. And errr... sometimes they are slightly embarrassing, too. All right, now here are some of my pronounication mistakes Dragon's recognition mistakes.

Some (slightly) funny mistakes

And don't feel obliged to find them funny. Humor is very personal. These mistakes just caught my eye, made me laugh and I noted them for later reference.

What I said What Dragon wrote
An extra image An extreme witch
The two of us working together The two office working together
That was bad luck That was batlike
Helpdesk Helpless
Writing letters by hand Writing lettuce by hand
Is speech recognition Is bitch recognition 


This mistake was embarrassing!

What I said  What Dragon wrote
Dragon's Auto-Formatting options Dragon's auto-vomiting options

Yes, it is true. One of my students let me know that instead of talking about Dragon's Auto-Formatting options, I was actually discussing the Auto-Vomiting options. Eeew! Mind you, this was in a published lesson in the Learn Dragon Online academy. My proofreading brain cells obviously were asleep at the time. Well, at least all my students know 100% sure that I walk the talk: clearly that text was dictated! Typing mistakes don't look like this.

And this mistake made me frown

It is a totally understandable mistake...

What I said  What Dragon wrote
One point to make clear 1.2 make clear

Dragon doesn't understand the difference numbers and words, because they sound the same. It simply applies auto-formatting (I honestly can't see that word anymore without thinking of vomit) when it hears numbers, but this is annoying nevertheless.

Are you annoyed or do you sometimes laugh when your speech recognition makes a mistake?

I have a pretty sunny disposition and I have worked with Dragon for so long, that I tend to be very tolerant of its mistakes. Usually, if I'm being honest, I could actually have pronounced the words more clearly. So I like to have a bit of fun with recognition bloopers.

If you have any funny bloopers, please share them in the comments below so that we can all have a laugh!


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